Long Island

design by Gianni Pareschi

Absolute Classic. Une collection de cuisines pour un intérieur élégant qui lance un nouveau style personnel.

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Une élégance classique extrêmement actuelle. Classique et moderne. Deux interprétations différentes de la cuisine qui s’unissent pour créer un style nouveau et personnel.De l’attrait pour les éléments architecturaux, les laitons et les verres meulés à la nécessité de se sentir moderne et partie intégrante du monde. Entre des signes raffinés et des symboles traditionnels, une nouvelle manière d’organiser et de vivre la cuisine fait son chemin.


Gianni Pareschi


The new frontier in classical design for the kitchen of the third millennium.

1515 t pareschiGianni Pareschi introduces Absolute Classic by Scavolini

Absolute Classic by Scavolini: the new frontier in classical design for the kitchen of the third millennium. A new benchmark for the international market.

"If yesterday classicality simply implied a list of details to be reproduced, today it is seen as the search engine for developing a "global code" that is capable of putting meat on the bones that are the values of an increasingly cosmopolitan society, that is re-defining the parameters of beauty, refinement and quality.

And while the design world is asking itself what the style of the third millennium is going to be, many believe, and there are many clues around, that the answer will be precisely "style" itself. On the basis of these convictions, I have done some careful research for Scavolini, in order to see how we measure up in terms of the future directions of "high-class classicality": Absolute Classic is the first, decisive, step in this direction.
In the conviction that a product’s classicality is not measured by the number of its "signs of style" but rather by its ability to bring back to life the essence of a great cultural heritage, Absolute Classic explores classical directions, trying to distil out beyond the old tenets, a design model that has the universality, harmony and elegance of this taste.
"Absolute" because striving for beauty, which has always been the primary objective of Italian design, means projects of broad scope and creations of high quality.
"Classic" because only through the rediscovery of the idea of a classicality that is definite and outside of fashion does it become possible to map out a route that leads to a cosmopolitan language, a condition that nowadays is an essential part of any international strategy".
Gianni Pareschi


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